We Love Our Cats

by rodano Admin on August 26, 2019

We love our cats. They have their own unique personalities, traits, and habits so it is only understandable that you want only the best for them. Kutshy.com carries a wide range of cat supplies just for your feline friend. Cat accessories can be cute and playful or practical and functional; they range from grooming tools, like combs and shampoos, to cat beds and scratch posts. There is an almost limitless assortment of cat items to choose from and we think your cat is so great that he or she deserves every last one.


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You'll find the basic necessities like cat feeders, winterers and litter boxes to the luxuries such as fancy beds and cat trees. Kutshy.com provides an easy one source stop to buy cat supplies online such as kitten toys, beds, and water fountains. We have everything you could possibly need to pamper your feline companions.


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One of most essential items you'll need is a litter box. Very few things in life will make a cat and its owner happier than clean litter. For many pet owners, cleaning the litter box is their least favorite part of the day. It no longer needs to be with products like self-scooping and self-cleaning litter boxes, paw-cleaning litter mats and clumping cat litter. Cat litter items ensure your cat's personal area is looking and, more importantly, smelling as good as possible. Litter-related products can definitely make your life easier, and they are some of the best pet investments you can make.


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What better way is there to spoil your kitty than to allow it to indulge its natural urge to scratch? Cats have a natural tendency to do this as a way to clean their claws. So instead of having your furniture act as a scratching post, buy your cat an assortment of them instead! Scratching posts are available in a wide variety of styles, colors, looks and designs. There are elaborate posts with several platform levels to allow climbing; others are nothing more than a rough material that lies flat on the floor. No matter the type of scratching post you choose, your cat will enjoy it more than using the sides of your couch or chair (and so will you!).


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Very few aspects of caring for a cat are as important as grooming. It requires the proper tools and supplies to accomplish the many tasks associated with keeping your cat or kitten clean and healthy. This includes hygiene baths, general cleaning, combing, brushing, checking ears, paws, teeth and underside, nail trimming, and feline flea and tick control. Every cat owner should follow a regular schedule of one on one grooming time with their feline friend.


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Cat carriers are a smart and worthwhile investment for cat owners. They are an absolute must-have for pet owners who travel and would like their pet to come with them. Carriers help protect you and your car from painful cat scratches as you drive to your destination. If you are traveling by plane, cats are required to be kept in pet carriers.


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